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Write for us

           Yes, we are always looking for such new writers. Which is the solution to our website readers problem, how can you promote your business through SEO, social media, advertising? How you people can take personal branding and business to the next level with the help of digital marketing. You can write on it and also write about an industry that can connect to digital marketing.

It is beneficial. Why for you when thousands of people will read your content, and process it. And by doing so, we will learn a lot – what you already knew. you started.

          When we publish our content on our website, you will be given a credit in your name and you will also be provided with a do-follow backlink for your website, which will help increase your website ranking.

                                Please do not send us press releases or sales pitches. They make us sad from inside.

Guidelines to follow to present a paragraph.


  • Word limit: We only allow minimum 700 to 1500 word limit.
  • Formatting Subheads: Provide prover headings, H1 and H2 tags as required.
  • Add Link: Add 1-2 internal links
  • Plague free: 100% literary-free
  • Author: You can include a personal photo and a short bio of the author.
  • Content Outline: Outline the content and give appropriate brief information about it.
    If all goes well, we will publish your article within a week and email you the article link.

How to submit

       Email us your submission. We prefer presentations in the form of Google documents to provide direct feedback and guidance to editors within your draft. And you can also send a link to your website in this Google document file.

An editor will then review your submission for your hit and determine if it is possible. If yes, the entire team will review and discuss it. It will be added to the website within a week, with your link and what could be better.

Do we publish faith?

  • Too much publicity
  •  Pre-published material
  •  Duplicate Content
  •  Misinformation
  • Use of images / images (copyright issue)
  •  personal profile

What should you do when writing “for us”?

  •  Unique and unique content
  • Simple and raise curiosity
  • use examples
  • Sponsored Posts