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WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin posts from almost any website to WordPress automatically on your WordPress site through RSS Feed.

WordPress automatic plugin downloads across the world more than 15000. After wp automatic plugin download to publish new posts automatically and no need to schedule post times individually and no need to publish content every time your website, keeps your site and post looking fresh.

You are asked to download the WordPress automatic plugin. So you have 2 ways with which you can download the WordPress automatic plugin.

1. To purchase this plugin from Evento Market at 30 $ price, click on this link.

2. If you do not want to pay 30 $ and you want the same Wp automatic plugin, you can also email me only 15 $.

You can import from all popular site like utilizing their APIs –



Import products from Amazon by keyword

Price updates and affiliate links get set automatically

2. eBay:-

Auto import from eBay by keyword or by seller and full Woocommerce support.

Affiliate links get automatically

3. Walmart:-

Automatically Import from Walmart by keyword and full support Woocommerce

Affiliate links get automatically WordPress plugin download

4. ClickBank:-

import from ClickBank by keyword, product details and product source with affiliate links get automatic wp plugin

5. Envato:-

Import from Envato markets like CC and Theme Forest and import affiliate links by specific seller, keyword, tag, category

6. Craigslist:-

Import listing from Craigslist

The plugin will automatically import all listing from and auto-publish to your WordPress site.

7. career Jet:-

Import jobs from Career jet by keyword and specific location, filter by contract type as well.

8. Facebook:-

Automatically wp plugin import from the Facebook page, personal profiles, open group, monitor, and import any new post.

9. Twitter:-

Automatically import from Twitter by keyword, hashtag, specific profile, and auto-publish new posts to your website with auto WordPress plugin.

10. Instagram:-

Automatically import from Instagram by keyword, hashtag, or profile.

You can import comments and tags and popular posts only or recent items by the wp automatic free plugin.

11. Pinterest:-

Import Pinterest pins by keyword, board, profile, and directly publish to your website with the help of the WordPress plugin.

12. Reddit:-

Import Reddit from any URL by search selected user Reddit with comments and embed video or GIFs.


Auto-post WordPress import from Flickr by keyword, profile, tag, or album. Auto-post set WordPress image tags automatically.


Import video from youtube by keyword, username, and playlist.

Auto publishes to your website with this auto WordPress plugin download.

15. Vimeo:-

Import from Vimeo by keyword, username, or channel, and auto-publish to your website this WordPress automatic plugin download.

16. DailyMotion:-

Import video from Dailymotion by keyword, username, or playlist and auto-publish to your website with the help wp an automatic plugin download.

17. SoundCloud:-

Post audio from SoundCloud by keyword, username, and auto-publish to your website with the help of the WordPress plugin.

18. Itunes:-

Import anything from iTunes like music, apps, podcasts, ebook, tv shows all from the iTunes website with this WordPress plugin premium.

19. [email protected]:-

Post articles from ezinearticles.com by keyword. You can add the keywords you want articles about and publish WordPress automatic plugin will import automatically.

20. Spintax:-

This plugin can generate many articles from this spin tax and automatically publish them on your WordPress site with the help of the WordPress paid plugin.

21. RSS feeds:-

Add any RSS feed for the plugin to copy the post from any website.

Import all content, author, tags, and others.

22. Auto-post from any web page to WordPress site:-

Single-page can import the part from any URL and update an existing post if it changes.

23. Auto-post from any website to WordPress:-

Multi-page can import from any website with plagiarism-free all posts from almost any website. With the help of automatic plugin download.

@1. Articles:-

Auto-post articles to WordPress through this WordPress plugin for your specified keywords and post quality matched articles on autopilot, you can search ezinearticles.com (https://ezinearticles.com/) site.

@2. RSS Feed:-

Auto-post content from Feeds. The plugin can check your specified feed and post every new feed or new post.

How to fetch full content from another website by RSS feed

Click here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgN5Hv3eJms)

@3. Amazon affiliate marketing:-

Auto-post amazon product to WordPress, browse nodes support, price range filter, search order support, search criteria, add to chart purchase link, Woo-commerce support.

How to fetch product on amazon click here(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlXYMAP_qlw)

@4. youtube:-

Auto-post youtube videos to WordPress- WordPress automatic plugin help for video matching your keywords and post them to your WordPress blog. You can search youtube.com(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzR5WZq3Ad8)

specific channel support, playlist support, video description, post youtube comments, language and country, autoplay videos, filters, suggestions, skip videos, date control.

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