Top Mobile Ad Networks for Publishers

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Top Mobile Ad Networks for Publishers

Top Mobile Ad Networks for Publishers – The developer of any application wants to profit from the software they’ve developed. Numerous monetization platforms are available. Still, using mobile advertising is the simplest way to make your app profitable.

App monetization strategies are a key factor to take into account if you intend to develop an app.

Mobile app developers can use monetization services to earn money from premium ads in an easy and convenient manner. Here is a list of the top platforms in case you are still undecided about which is best for your project.



Google updated AdMob in 2013 to make it an AdSense alternative for mobile publishers. The largest mobile ad network in the world right now is AdMob, which asserts to offer more than 40 billion mobile ads monthly.

The demand is gathered through Google Ads (formerly AdWords), which has access to customers worldwide. Ad formats offer a seamless user experience and are responsive. 

Ads are supplied for applications during natural breaks to increase engagement and minimize intrusion. Similar to this, AdMob places a high priority on user satisfaction while methodically increasing publisher revenue.

You may anticipate nearly faultless functionality and simple app integration, as with most Google products. There isn’t a better place to start if you’re new to mobile advertising than AdMob.


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One of the most complete portfolios of advertising technology in the market, including native, local, mobile, search, display, goods, and video, is offered by Rapidoreach.

When discussing real-time programmatic advertising, the Rapidoreach also comes to mind. It is a significant participant in terms of high profits for web and mobile app developers.

To increase publisher revenue, Rapidoreach Publisher Platform provides a “Dynamic Demand” platform that enables per-impression competition for all ad sources.

Rapidoreach is an all-in-one publisher monetization platform that brings together premium advertisers from leading companies, tried-and-true technology, and high fills rates. It offers the top display, video and rich media advertisements to monetize publisher apps and improve user experience.

Both publishers and advertisers can take advantage of the many options it provides. It gives publishers access to tier one traffic, enabling them to profit from a variety of advertising campaigns. 

Nearly all platforms, including Android, iOS, and others, are supported by it. It offers a variety of SDK integration options as well as help with account administration for campaign optimization.


By offering rewards to customers that install your app, you may monetize it via the Tapjoy service. The user receives credit for downloading the app or watching commercials.

If you’re a mobile app developer in the gaming sector, you’re looking for Tapjoy, which is used to monetize mobile games. It’s a mobile advertising network with an unexpectedly wide range of features and choices.

Tapjoy is one of the earliest methods of app monetization. It offers the ad forms Playable, Offerwall, Rewarded Video, and Video Interstitial. Along with Mobile Web, Tapjoy supports the iOS and Android operating systems.

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One of the most complete portfolios of advertising technology in the market, including native, local, mobile, search, display, goods, and video, is offered by

It is a highly sophisticated way to monetize display placements by determining user search intent and displaying pertinent search keywords that then display search ads purchased by advertisers using a cost per click (CPC) pricing model.

Through this format, advertisers have had extraordinarily high conversion rates and revenues without taking the chance of purchasing cost per thousand impressions (CPM)-based media, where they run the risk of having to pay for content that users did not interact with.

Ad units can be completely customized to match the appearance, feel, and layout of a website, providing a far more “native” experience that improves the experience rather than detracting from it.

The ad network gives you access to display, contextual, and native adverts. It frequently appears to be the greatest AdSense substitute and the most popular platform for monetizing mobile traffic.


Appographic targeting is a new method of user targeting that InMobi has created. By using appographic targeting, it is more probable that consumers will be introduced to the media and apps that they are most likely to utilize. 

For instance, advertisements for hotels and travel services might show up on the user’s screen if they were using an app to book a flight.

To do this, it bases targeting on users’ current and past applications rather than conventional measures like region or demographics.

In addition, InMobi provides publishers with audience bidding, ad mediation, and in-app monetization. Additionally, it works with display, native, and video ad formats for mobile inventory. Large publishers including ABC, TMZ, BlackBerry, Pandora, and Wattpad are among those it is presently collaborating with.


The ideal mobile advertising network for your company is determined by your needs. The platform you select for app monetization is influenced by a variety of elements, including your specialization and technical needs.

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