Top 250+ Free High PR Do Follow Directory Submission Sites List

Top 250+ Free High PR Do Follow Directory Submission Sites List

Top 250+ Free High PR Do Follow Directory Submission Sites List


Everyone knows the importance of directory submission for your website and your blog in the SEO. List of Top 250+ free high pr dofollow directory submission site list. In this post, we are providing the best list of directory submission sites with high DA and PA rank by Moz.

Directory submission is a perfect way to create high authority quality backlinks for websites and blogs. Every digital marketer also recommended applying free directory submission to achieve your SEO reach. These submission sites always help grow your website on search engine ranking and also popular on the web search.

So here I am going to attach the List of 250+ free high pr dofollow directory submission site list 2020.


DIRECTORY SUBMISSION is the easiest method to submit a website/blog to the Directory sites. This is the best way to submit your website/blog online world. So many FREE DIRECTORY SUBMISSION SITES are easily available. You can get easy backlinks from those directory sumission sites and to achieve quality traffic to your blog/website.


There are two types of directory submission sites are available for SEO’s and Digital Marketer. They are FREE DIRECTORY SUBMISSION SITE and PAID DIRECTORY SUBMISSION SITES. You can create dofollow and nofollow backlinks from the list of directory submission site. But these are some types of submission site list.

  • Automatic directory submission:- you can use software to submit your directories.
  • Manual Directory Submission:- Every SEO person to do directory submissions manually. All the search engines including encourage ranking efforts
  • Nofollow directory submission:-In submissions, you are considering submitting your site to no follow directories?
  • Dofollow Directory submission:- If you are a blogger and a particular niche website. Who wants to increase your blog and website ranking then dofollow directories help you to get SERP.
  • Niche Directory Submission:- Every niche directory is dedicated to a particular subject and category like a business, digital marketing, web designers, software, etc.



Directory submission is a very easy process. First, you need to create an account to submit your blog and site. You need to go to the Free directory site after that you want to submit your blog/site URL. Choose a relevant category according to your blog and site and submit your blog URL/site URL with full required information like Title, Description, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, and your email address.


– Use a unique description for all directories submission sites.

– Choose perfect category

– Only submit your site high domain and page authority directory sites list.

– Never Spam

– Never submit more than one.

What Exactly is Directory Submission?

Directories Submission is kind of website which are used to collect information about businesses. It is the process of adding a website to a web directory like telephone directory you can find a number by name. Just like you can find any business and about business information. This is off-page SEO techniques.


Final thoughts about Free High Directory submission sites list 2020.

The importance of directory submission for your website or blog you don’t know these all sites help your website ranking in Google, Bing, and other search engines. If you are looking for some of the Top Free High PR Directory Submission sites lists Directory submission is a great way to create high backlinks for any new sites. But, Most Seo experts don’t believe in the free high directory but I would say it’s a really good technique to get some exposure or SEO advantage.

Did you find this post useful? Do you have any questions regarding Top 250+ Free High PR Do Follow Directory Submission Sites List? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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26 Nov-19
27 Nov-19
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29 Nov-19
30 Nov-19
31 Nov-19
32 Nov-19
33 Nov-19
34 Nov-19
35 Nov-19
36 Nov-19
37 Nov-19
38 Nov-19
39 Nov-19
40 Nov-19
41 Nov-19
42 Nov-19
43 Nov-19
44 Nov-19
45 Nov-19
46 Nov-19
47 Nov-19
48 Nov-19
49 Nov-19
50 Nov-19
51 Nov-19
52 Nov-19
53 Nov-19
54 Nov-19
55 Nov-19
56 Nov-19
57 Nov-19
58 Nov-19
59 Nov-19
60 Nov-19


61 Nov-19
62 Nov-19
63 Nov-19
64 Nov-19
65 Nov-19
66 Nov-19
67 Nov-19
68 Nov-19
69 Nov-19
70 Nov-19
71 Nov-19
72 Nov-19
73 Nov-19
74 Nov-19
75 Nov-19
76 Nov-19
77 Nov-19
78 Nov-19
79 Nov-19
80 Nov-19
81 Nov-19
82 Nov-19
83 Nov-19
84 Nov-19
85 Nov-19
86 Nov-19
87 Nov-19
88 Nov-19
89 Nov-19
90 Nov-19
91 Nov-19
92 Nov-19
93 Nov-19
94 Nov-19
95 Nov-19
96 Nov-19
97 Nov-19
98 Nov-19
99 Nov-19
100 Nov-19
101 Nov-19
102 Nov-19
103 Nov-19
104 Nov-19
105 Nov-19
106 Nov-19
107 Nov-19
108 Nov-19
109 Nov-19
110 Nov-19
111 Nov-19
112 Nov-19
113 Nov-19
114 Nov-19
115 Nov-19
116 Nov-19
117 Nov-19
118 Nov-19
119 Nov-19
120 Nov-19
121 Nov-19
122 Nov-19
123 Nov-19
124 Nov-19
125 Nov-19
126 Nov-19
127 Nov-19
128 Nov-19
129 Nov-19
130 Nov-19
131 Nov-19
132 Nov-19
133 Nov-19
134 Nov-19
135 Nov-19
136 Nov-19
137 Nov-19
138 Nov-19
139 Nov-19
140 Nov-19
141 Nov-19
142 Nov-19
143 Nov-19
144 Nov-19
145 Nov-19
146 Nov-19
147 Nov-19
148 Nov-19
149 Nov-19
151 Nov-19
152 Nov-19
153 Nov-19
154 Nov-19
155 Nov-19
156 Nov-19
157 Nov-19
158 Nov-19
159 Nov-19
160 Nov-19
161 Nov-19
162 Nov-19
163 Nov-19
164 Nov-19
165 Nov-19
166 Nov-19
167 Nov-19
168 Nov-19
169 Nov-19
170 Nov-19
171 Nov-19
172 Nov-19
173 Nov-19
174 Nov-19
175 Nov-19
176 Nov-19
177 Nov-19
178 Nov-19
179 Nov-19
180 Nov-19

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