Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic | Digital Marketing Premium

Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic

The Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic DMP Agency

Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic, The outspread of the Corona Virus Pandemic in the world; did not let any person stay unaffected from it on the planet. It already has caused enormous unrest in the Global Economy; it is the first time that all i.e. underdeveloped, developing and even developed countries have held lockdowns as preventive measures. We can say that the coronavirus is bringing about changes in the digital marketing world. The virus as it is has hampered all most every process from the beginning i.e. production till the very end i.e. marketing and sales that is very important in every business.

Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic | Digital Marketing Premium

What is so unique about Digital Marketing?

Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic, Digital marketing increases two very important elements to traditional marketing. First, when customers visit a site, they leave behind a trail of evidence in the form of digital data that facilitates storing, tracking, and monetizing every marketing campaign. And secondly, it offers new marketing channels that are completely online and for that reason are immune to the COVID-19 social distancing concerns. So, what are these digital channels? The first and most important function of digital channels is to bring traffic to your online products or website. Here are some well-known digital channels:

1. Organic Search Method

It happens when a person’s voice prompts or enters a set of words into the search engine and as a result, gets directed to some online content. When the user visits that content, it is called organic traffic. The site proprietor does not have to pay any fee to the search engine company for such a kind of traffic. For this method to emerge, relevant and valuable content generation and SEO need to take place very properly.

2. The E-mail Method

With most people confined to their homes due to lockdown, it is more likely for them to read their emails.  Email traffic can be considered to cause minimum cost and can be very operative when done correctly. This is the traffic that is generated by your email campaigns and interactions. Someone, for example, sees a link inserted in the email, they click on it, and it takes them to your website, which is considered as email traffic.

3. Social Media Platforms

People these days are very free sitting and chilling at their homes. So, when they are checking their social media pages, they may see a post that you made about your company, product, or service that you provide with; and a learn more link. And when they click on it, it will redirect them to your website. This traffic is labelled as social traffic.

4. Referral Traffic

 It is of the same kind the word-of-mouth, but the only difference is that it happens between websites. When citations and backlinks are present on others websites that bring users back to your site, they will create traffic flow to your site. Building a link is one of the most ignored ways to increase traffic in digital channels, but regardless, it is an important one.

5. Paid Search method

Not like organic traffic, it requires you to pay for each ad, each display, each visit, or each conversion that you make with any includes pay per clicks, banner ads, social media post boots, and many more. Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic,

All these digital channels are applicable for all pre-lockdown, during the lockdown, and post-lockdown phases. But there sure are more things that you must take into consideration while marketing your products and services in the lockdown phase. Consumer behavior has changed drastically during this period. Today, we see a different consumer. Since the markets are shut, necessities are unattainable or being sold at increased rates, the consumers and their families are staying at home, some of which might have lost their jobs and have a very limited source of earning.  This change has caused a great change in the market scenario, and so, now owners have a completely diverse market to serve. Therefore, a different approach is needed:- Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic.

1. Create a short-term strategy and track how the market behaves

The most basic thing to learn and to remember is to keep your marketing strategies flexible. If there are provisions for modifications in your strategy, you would be able to adapt to any situation very easily. Once a strategy is implemented, it is only then you can learn if it works for your business or not. Keeping in mind the current situation, one can start by:- Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic

·  Understanding the audience.

·  Assess whether your product or service is in demand or not.

·  Assessment of the amount of web site traffic and its source.

·  Keeping check on the user behaviour on your website.

         While generating a market strategy, keep in mind these factors.

2. Focus on the PPC strategy

Today, the traffic and searches both are high, but so is the competition with that, and so, the cost of paid ads has shown a descending trend. It could be a great chance for one’s brand to gain exposure and increase their traffic and sales. You can combine digital marketing strategies like SMC, SEO with PPC to gain maximum benefit; get more information on what to keep in mind while thinking off PPC for your site:

·  Identification of your ad and campaign agendas.

·  Determine the best marketing channel for your business.

·  Witness your results and sharpen up your implementations.

3. Organizing webcasts and webinars

Recently, webinars and webcasts have emerged as a great way of marketing. It is in fact, the most engaging content type in today’s day. One should take up this chance to engage with potential customers and audience, in general, to generate new sign-ups and sales, at the end of the day. Get more info that will help you to start with live streaming and webinar marketing:- Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic

·  At all times do a live run-test beforehand.

·  Use the questions that are asked for your blog topic.

·  Promotion of the event on all social media platforms well in advance.

·  And most important; plan the context and content of your webinar very properly

Real Estate Digital Marketing

Generating more revenue by attracting more customers to your website is known as Real Estate Digital Marketing. Digital marketing for real estate is very cost-efficient. With the assistance of digital marketing, developers can reach the target audience and also create an impact that lasts. Since most people are at their houses due to lockdown and the pandemic, it has now become a platform for buyers and sellers to get whatever they need with just one click on the website. Get more information about real estate digital marketing below:- Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic.

Key features of Real Estate Digital Marketing Method:

·  You and your audience can interact with each other on your social media platforms.

·  Digital marketing platforms are quite efficient, effective and cost less.

·  It allows the creation of real estate agencies that can reach out to targeted customers and provide them with a targeted message.

·  You can measure the data and the number of times people visited your site and the number of times somebody was converted into a lead on your website.

It also has its importance like measurable results, personalization, chatting with the followers, and appearance on the search engine. It also has its benefits, some of them are: improved Return on Investment, boosts SEO strategy, optimized results, generates a stronger reputation, helps to get one step ahead of the competitors, and many more.

Some other services we provide include:- Impact on Digital Marketing during the Corona Pandemic

  1. PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Content marketing 
  4. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
  5. Web design & development
  6. Online reputation management
  7. Voice search SEO
  8. Email/Mobile Marketing
  9. Youtube SEO Optimization
  10. Local SEO
  11. E-commerce SEO Services
  12. Graphic design for Social media
  13. ASO App Store Optimization

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