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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website & Blog: Creating content is not enough in today’s world. One has to follow certain procedures to stay relevant and draw in a good amount of traffic. What’s more troublesome is the fact that every viewer does not necessarily convert into a revenue source. There are many technicalities to this line of work. 

Before we get into the details and specifics, let me tell you that while these methods will draw people towards your content, it is the quality of your content that will make sure that they stick there. To have the required content writing skills, you can take up some cool content writing courses.

So, let us get into it. Make sure you take notes (quite literally) because these points will make sure you get that smooth viewership. 

7 Points to Drive Traffic to Your Website & Blog

  1. Choose Topics with Traffic Potential

There are thousands of topics out there on which you can create content. But, not all thousand will get the same attention. You have to pick those topics which have the potential to direct traffic towards your site or platform. It is easy to identify. For example, right now, the topic of cryptocurrency is popping. So, you can create content on cryptocurrency and find the right keywords and let SEO do its work. How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

  1. Be Innovative

Just writing about a particular topic will not suffice. You have to bring a certain innovative value to the table. Everyone is writing about cryptocurrencies right now, but why are only a few sites getting the attention? It is because they are doing some things differently. Maybe they provide some extra stuff that other sites do not offer. Find out the potential innovative value that you can provide in your content that others do not offer. How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

  1. Balance 3 Beams
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You will have to balance the three beams of content creation and marketing, i.e., High Traffic Potential, High Business Value, and Low Competition. These 3 will define your content, how it is presented, and the various things you need to keep in mind while writing about the topic. Topics that will have all three will be your ideal topics. These topics have the maximum potential of driving traffic towards your platform. How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

  1. Guest Posts
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Guest posts are an excellent way of attracting viewership from other sites. All you need to do is subtly mention your platform or product in the post and provide a link to it. But there is a way to make sure that the viewer is wholly attracted to your platform. This method is AIDA, i.e., Attention-Interest-Desire-Action.

Catch the attention of the reader with something catchy and related to the post. Cultivate a feeling of interest in the reader by including interesting facts and stories. Make the customer desire the product or the platform. Then it’ll be challenging for the reader not to act on it. This is how you make a sale properly. Also, don’t just mention your platform and leave it there. Mention a few things about your product and platform to give the reader a basic idea of your product. You can join a good digital marketing course to know more about guest post techniques. How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

  1. Target a Niche
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To gain viewership quickly, you can target a particular niche of the population. For example, as I said about cryptocurrencies, there may be many niches in the topic itself, like, how to mine cryptocurrency or how to make smart investment decisions regarding cryptocurrency. In the same way, whatever topic you choose, target a particular niche (preferably one which is relatively less popular but has the potential to blow up). This will appeal quickly to people of that segment, and they will be attracted to the website or platform.

  1. Promotion

There is a lot of work to do after you publish your content online. If you were thinking that you do not have to do anything after hitting that submit button, you couldn’t be more wrong. You have to promote your content on various platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, E-mails, Reddit, LinkedIn, and every other medium you can think of. Be superfluous in your approach when it comes to the number of platforms. You can join communities on the platforms and even post your content there to promote it. 

If you maintain good relations with the admin of any community, he/she will let you promote your content, as long as it also benefits the members of that community. (Hence my point of being innovative) How to Drive Traffic to Your Website,

If your content is innovative and brings value to the community, the admin will be more than happy to let you post your content on its page.

  1. Multi-Platform Posting
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Post on multiple platforms simultaneously to attract more viewers. You can also provide backlinks to cross-connect all of your platforms. For example, you can post your article on your website, shoot a video on the same topic and post it on YouTube, and then make a pictorial representation and post it on social media platforms, providing backlinks while doing so. This will keep a cycle of your passive audience. How to Drive Traffic to Your Website


Let us look at some FAQs on the topic:

1 How to keep the traffic flow continuously?

In my opinion, to attract a continuous flow of readers, include multiple topics on your website. Don’t just focus on one topic; grab whatever is hot at that time. Keep on looking for new hot topics and write for longevity. This will keep the readers glued to your site.

2 What are the best ways to attract traffic?

Search engine optimization uses the specific keywords properly, which leads to a higher ranking on any search engine. Also, you can write guest posts and blogs and add a backlink to gain readers. You can also promote your website through e-mails, social media, professional platforms, and so on.

3 How to get a higher ranking on search engines?

There are a few pointers in this one – Keep the SEO running, use the appropriate keywords extensively, make better and more unique content than everyone else, make your site friendly for mobile usage, keep your content updated on a daily or weekly basis. All these points should be enough to get a higher ranking.

4 What is the reason for declining traffic?

There can be a few reasons. The first being that you are not keeping your content up to date, upon which google will automatically reduce your ranking. It may also be the fault of your page or site not being mobile-friendly. The majority of content readers use their mobile devices to consume online content. If the loading time of your site is too long on phones, then bye-bye traffic. How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

5 Why is traffic so important?

Well, we all like our money at the end of the day. Traffic not only brings in your website revenue but also brings in potential investors, clients, future partners, and so on. Hence, traffic is essential, and good traffic will always help you. How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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