How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Learn more about how to drive traffic to your blog using 15 simple traffic-building techniques. These simple tricks will drive more blog traffic in days. Here are how to drive traffic to your blog, and get the right audience to become avid readers. These 15 tips on how to get your blog noticed.

The following are 15 proven strategies that can help increase traffic to your blog for free and bring you good traffic to your blog.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog | Digital Marketing premium Agency

1) How to drive traffic to your blog post:

If you wrote a value-driven article that provides solutions to your target audience, you can submit your article to one of the major article directories such as EzineArticles, GoArticles, and ArticlesBase. Some of these article directories have a strict minimum word count, which often starts with a minimum of 400 words.

By posting several articles in these directories, you position yourself as the expert in your field, and you can redirect people to your blog by providing links at the end of each article to find out more about you. You can also tag your articles with the appropriate keywords so that your articles show up on the search results when people are looking for your type of information.

2) write better titles:

The titles for your blog posts are almost more important than the content itself. That’s because titles help potential readers decide whether they should click and read more. Pay attention to the article titles you see on magazine covers. They entice readers with promises and solutions. When you do the same, your readership will increase.

3) Submit your blog post to social bookmarking sites:

Social bookmarking sites are great places to post relevant content within your niche. It’s a way for Internet users to organize, store, share and search for “bookmarks” of various resources that can be found online. If your blog addresses a particular topic that your niche audience finds valuable, you can share your blog on these social bookmarking sites so that other people can find it. For starting a blog or an online business, you need a space where you can host your website. Here are some cheap web hosting in the market.

Popular social bookmarking sites include Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, and Reddit. Make sure to tag your blog post with the appropriate keywords so that your post can be found when people are searching for your topic. Since these social bookmarking sites have a high volume of traffic, they can also assist with boosting your search engine rankings, thereby increasing the chances of your blog being found online.

4) Know your niche:

While you may be interested in sea life, exotic travel destinations, Little League baseball, and weight loss, you’ll confuse your audience if your content doesn’t follow a clear theme. Decide who your target audience is, what they want to read, and what specific messages you want to convey.

5) Include photos:

Studies have shown that photos in blog posts boost readership. Not only does a photo make the post more visually appealing, but you can also include keywords in the Alt Image tag on the photo, boosting search engine optimization (SEO) for your site. 

6) Guest post on another blog:

Research your niche and find blogs that have a high volume of traffic. You can find these blogs by searching on popular keywords in your niche and checking out the blogs that rank on page one of Google. Connect with these blog owners and start developing relationships with them.

Before asking if you can post on their blog, do something for the first, such as offering to post their material on your blog. Focus on developing a great relationship with these bloggers, and show them how your blog can provide value to their audience. Once you do this, you can now ask to guest post on their blog, and provide a link back to your own blog. This is a great way to leverage off a blog that already has a large following in your niche.

7) Link your social media profiles to your blog:

When you’ve posted your content on your blog, make sure to link that post across all your social media profiles. Your blog content should be posted on Facebook and Twitter, and also LinkedIn if you have a profile there. By posting your blog on your social media profiles, your friends and followers will see it, and if they like it, they will share your content with the people in their network. This creates a viral effect, exposing your content to a larger audience. In addition to each individual post, make sure that the link to your blog is clearly visible from your profile information, so people who see your profile can easily be directed to your blog.

8) Integrate your blog with your website:

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, and you have a business website, make sure to post a link to your blog from your website. It’s a very simple process to add that link, and it allows you to leverage the traffic that’s already coming into your business website. Have a look at the comparison of the 2 best web hosting providers – Bluehost vs Hostinger

9) Comment on other people’s blogs:

Check out other blogs in your niche, and read their posts. Pay very close attention to those blogs that have a high volume of traffic, along with the posts that have a high number of comments. After reading their content, post your own comment and include a link back to your blog. Make sure that your comment contains valuable thoughts and insights, and that it contributes to the discussion. Otherwise, some people may view it as spam, and the blog owner may remove your comment. When other people see that you’re providing valuable insights, they may be encouraged to check out your blog through the link you provided.

10) Create a video, and drive them back to your blog:

After posting your content, create a very simple video, which describes what your article is all about. It doesn’t have to belong, but provide just enough interesting information that gets your potential reader excited to check out your blog. Once you have created the video, upload your video to sharing sites like YouTube and Viddler. Tag your video with the right keywords so that your video can come up in a search. Once you’ve uploaded your video, make sure that your video links back to your blog.

11) Incorporate keywords.

Speaking of SEO, keywords are at the heart of SEO. One of the easiest ways to generate more traffic to your website is to ensure that every page on your site has a keyword strategy. 

12) Add video.

Google owns YouTube, which is one of the many reasons that videos can drive more traffic to your site. The written content on your blog with short videos that are informative and entertaining.

13) Giveaway events.

Create fun theme days such as “Free Book” where your readers can win a prize by submitting a comment or sharing your link via social media. You can provide prizes yourself or invite companies to donate or sponsor these promotions.

14) How to drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest:

  • A pin is 100 times more spreadable than your average tweet.
  • Each pin can drive up to 2-page visits and 6 pageviews.
  • Ecommerce sites benefit from pinning as each pin can generate 78 cents
  • The life of a pin is one week! Compare that to 24 minutes for Twitter and 90 minutes for Facebook. 

you’re in the blogging, tech, e-commerce, or marketing industry you can’t make an impact on Pinterest. Pinterest is the number one traffic source for a lot of bloggers.

15) How to drive traffic to your blog with Instagram:  

Instagram feed posts, IGTV posts can contain clickable links — making it really easy for viewers to click through to buy your products or services! Video is a powerful medium when it comes to influencing purchasing habits. With the right video strategy, you can build a deeper connection between your viewers and your products.  Encourage viewers to check out your video description (and links) by adding a call-to-action to your IGTV video title, such as: “Tap the arrow for more info ➡”.

 Now you have created some amazing content for your blog, so these 15 ways can bring traffic to your website.

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