How Offerwall Monetization Can Generate A New Earnings Source For Your Game

How Offerwall Monetization Can Generate A New Earnings Source For Your Game, We’ve selected the finest mobile game monetization trend for 2022, which is the offer wall. The offer wall will continue to be one of the most popular mobile game monetization strategies in 2022. 

By providing a clear value exchange, Offerwall enables game developers to monetize apps to maximize income, promote engagement, and maintain gamers’ engagement.

What exactly is the offer wall?

Game developers use the offerwall as an advertising unit to monetize their apps.
For game developers, offerwall monetization can be extremely effective. 

It gives customers an appealing opt-in monetization option, which boosts revenue while also improving user engagement. 

An offerwall serves as a marketplace for advertising and users. They’re excellent for mobile games such as mid-core RPGs and strategic games, as well as casual games like puzzles, arcades, and lifestyle games.

Benefits of Offerwall:
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One of the key advantages of an in-app offerwall is that it gives players another way to engage with their favorite games. 

In many cases, offerwalls have been found to boost conversion rates and average expenditure per user by encouraging higher levels of overall involvement.

Unparalleled eCPMs to drive in-app revenue, game developers that use the Rapidoreach Offerwall have a 20X higher average eCPMs than those that only use rewarded video. Offerwalls can help you grow your revenue dramatically. 


They provide game developers with extraordinarily high eCPMs. This is because marketers are prepared to pay a lot of money for high-quality users and deep events.

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Allows publishers to engage users based on their preferences. By monetizing the bulk of non-spenders, the Rapidoreach Offerwall helps publishers maximize the value of every player.

Users can get personalized help from the unit and through social media. By providing a second method to acquire virtual currency, the Rapidoreach Offerwall keeps your most loyal users engaged for longer.

Game developers should switch to offerwall below 5 causes:

  1. Interactive: Gamers take pleasure in offerwall surveys, and the activity itself has a game-like quality.
  2. User-centric: Offerwall are more individualized; Gamers could express my perspective by responding to offerwall.
  3. Unpredictable: Offerwalls provide players with consistently fresh activities that are engaging, valuable, and non-repetitive.
  4. Highly Rewarding: Gamers get more bugs from offerwall surveys, which help them save more money. 
  5. Full opt-in control: Gamers may complete a survey on own time and with greater discretion. Gamers feel like they have more control over what they see.

Using offerwall in their games is made simple by Rapidoreach for both publishers and developers. Gamers are more engaged in offerwall surveys when they receive rewards. 

Implement Offerwall Monetization With Rapidoreach:

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Rapidoreach and other offerwall firms make it easy for thousands of mobile game developers and publishers to promote different digital products.

As offerwalls grow more widespread in the in-app ecosystem, it’s critical to make sure yours delivers a consistent and enjoyable user experience. That implies having complete control over conversion rates, display frequency, branding, and other factors.

The gaming community as a whole agrees that the market need a different ad model, one that is less intrusive, more participatory, and specifically designed for the user. Offerwall come into play in this situation.

With alluring experiences and rising ROI, paid surveys are growing in popularity every day.

Users are increasingly choosing offerwall surveys as their favorite ad style. Recent research from Rapidoreach asked thousands of American users of mobile apps why they prefer surveys to traditional advertising. The findings showed a number of intriguing things.

The biggest brands and research firms worldwide are rapidoreach.

Please visit to learn more about Rapidoreach and how offerwall Surveys can create a new revenue stream for your game and app development. You can also get in touch with the Integration Team directly at [email protected]

If you’re ready to get started offerwalls, there are simple solutions, to optimize them as a revenue source. Like segmenting your users, offerwall makes it feel continuous to your game.


Offerwall for game developers can be paired nicely with the existing monetization system, break the ice for freemium gamers, pay more, and enhance retention and conversion when used properly.

Keep in mind that with your game app, players will always choose the simpler, more engaging, and more profitable option. Offerwall is the best choice here!

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