6 SEO Strategies: Local Business

6 SEO Strategies Local Business, For well over a decade, big businesses have known that search engines are the key to business growth. Now, small businesses are catching up. But without the internal expertise and resources to do SEO in-house, they are reliant on SEO specialists to advise and implement. From keyword strategy to breaking down analytics and SEO stats, to making the consistent improvements required, there’s no denying that there’s a lot involved in getting to the top of Google. 

Having an expert on hand to help enhance your online presence, as well as drive targeted traffic to your website, makes good business sense. SEO strategies for local businesses capture qualified, buying leads needed for business profitability and growth. With smartphones glued to shoppers’ hands, local SEO can be the most effective digital marketing strategy for local businesses that rely on foot traffic and repeat, loyal customers.

If you are looking for some effective SEO tips and hacks for your small business, then you are in the right place. We chatted to some top SEO experts to come up with the best list of six SEO strategies for your local business. IAXPKYnLGVefTFmCgAhgkwyr7sdbNi3dpVv5ImXM4iSgXldC

Top 6 SEO strategies for local businesses

  1. Make the most of voice search option: Voice search is taking over the way we search for information with Alexa and Siri the most popular voice assistants. Therefore, it’s time to ensure that your SEO strategies are voice search friendly. Focus on how your target audience asks questions and enquire about specific services while speaking to these AI based gadgets. So, what is the difference between conventional search and voice search? The regular search involves typing short and simple keywords. Voice search, on the other hand,  involves more natural, conversational language and long-tail keywords. Website content should answer conventional questions like who, why, where, what, when, and how.
  1. Publish content regularly based on local events and stories: Curate content which grabs the attention of your local community. Blogs and articles should revolve around local issues and events. This simple technique will naturally boost geographically local keywords. You can also create videos of your business and get them uploaded on different social media platforms.
  2. Use GMB (Google My Business) for your local business: An imperative for local businesses, GMB is an essential SEO strategy. Optimise your business profile to appear in Google Maps search results. GMB helps improve business visibility in SERPs. Utilise all the features and tools available, including reviews and posts to really get Google My Business working for you. 
  3. Emphasise on local keywords: If you want your small business to grow and prosper, then focusing on local keywords is indeed a smart move. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to identify the right keywords for your niche, then localise them by including keywords that relate to your specific location. Locally relevant keywords in your content, URLs and meta description, etc, are a great way to boost your rankings in Google and drive more local traffic to your business.
  4. Get your business registered on online business directories: There are several online directories such as MapQuest, Yelp, Foursquare, YellowPages and so on. Make sure you add relevant details on these websites, such as the name and address of your business, address, phone number etc. 
  5. Add location specific landing pages to your website: Make sure that your landing pages have location-specific details. For instance, you need to add pages that offer crystal-clear instructions and details to your target audience regarding your working hours, address, brand name, contact details, parking details, client testimonials, and so on. If your small business operates in multiple locations, then you have to create location pages for all the locations. 

Wrapping up:

For the past two decades, SEO has been seen as a mysterious hocus pocus. There is no arguing that it is complicated, technical, and ongoing. But the benefits to businesses of all sizes are undeniable.  

For local businesses playing the long game, investing in SEO can be a game-changer. Start with these six highly effective SEO hacks and watch your local business grow.

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